Adopt Your New Best Friend on July 23: Clear the Shelters!

Everyone has different passions. Different things that drive them, and make their hearts sing. For some, it might be sports, music, art…etc., but for me? It’s all about animals! I’ve grown up with many pets around me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, I could not imagine a life without a furry friend in it!

I was born with a huge love in my heart for animals. I believe God gave me that love for a reason, and hopefully, someday, I’ll know why. To me, there’s nothing more important than promoting their health and safety, and advocating for their rights. Basically, being a voice for the voiceless. That’s where my heart will always be.

But, enough about me…let’s get to the real point of this post. It’s all about a little campaign called: #ClearTheShelters!

In July 2015, several animal shelters across the United States joined NBC and Telemundo stations to help find loving homes for the millions of animals in need. Over 19,000 pets found their furr-ever homes and began to live in freedom. I’d say that was quite a success, but there’s always room for improvement! #ClearTheShelters quickly became a nationwide pet adoption initiative, being televised, and spreading like wildfire through the use of social media, and I have to say, I love it!

Pet adoption is something that has been less than a priority over the years, but thanks to the many advocates out there, the word is increasingly spreading, and more and more people are finally becoming aware of the growing number of animals in shelters. For every one animal rescued, ten more get surrendered by the minute, thus, creating the problem of overcrowding…which then leads to the heartbreaking issues of euthanasia. These are unfortunate circumstances that shelters are faced with every single day.

The Humane Society of the United States, the ASPCA, and The North Shore Animal League are just a few of the amazing organizations that work endlessly to promote animal welfare,   adoption, fostering, rescue, and to end the tragedies of animal abuse, neglect, animal fighting, puppy mills, and every other form of animal cruelty. In fact, there have been so many false statements placed against those in shelters. Accusations such as: “there must be something wrong with them if those dogs are in shelters.” “These cats must not be healthy.” “These animals must be dangerous because they’re in  a shelter.” And the list continues. These organizations above fight non-stop to end the stigmatization. Check them out!

Now, on July 23, 2016, the second annual #ClearTheShelters campaign will be held all across America once again. More than 400 shelters will be participating and waiving or discounting fees for this one-day event. With the phenomenal success of last year, it is my hope that we can come together and TRIPLE that amount this year. While 19,000 was certainly an impressive goal, millions more remain homeless.

Are you looking for your next best friend? Are you looking to make a change in this world? Imagine what saving a life could feel like! Imagine looking into the eyes of a four-legged friend and seeing the joy and happiness in their souls? What a blessing!!

But, if you can’t participate and adopt, don’t think you still can’t make a difference…YOU CAN. Volunteer at your local animal shelters, become a foster parent, or do something simple like, joining the social media movement and conversation! Hop on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and spread the word using the hashtags #AdoptDontShop, and #ClearTheShelters!